We are an agency without having minimum requirements. At MMA everybody can register if you think you have the right looks to become a makeup model. If you think you have the right face then please complete the form to take the first step in becoming a model. When you register be sure to send recent photographs, including a front headshot, a side [left or right] and a upper body picture. When we think you have indeed the right looks one of our team will be in touch. If we don’t contact you within 5 weeks our team think you don’t have the right looks and will contact you after the 5 weeks.

Let us be clear, if you are not serious in becoming a model then don’t register. If you are selected but do not show up during the intake or at your portfolio shoot, without informing us 24 hours before the appointment, we will put you on the international blacklist.


As a model agency we work transparent and with integrity to ensure the safety and security of our models and new applicants at all times. We have discovered that there are individuals who are using the name of our organisation or one of our agencies to scout for models by using our brand.

Scouts and agents from our organisation do not:

  • Request to register directly on the street, this can only be done online.
  • Request any payment to become a model.
  • Request for nude or lingerie photos.

If anyone contacts you or your child claiming to be from Makeup Model Agency, please contact us mail.

If you are under 18, please notify a trusted adult and contact us. We will verify if the scout, who has contacted you, works for our organisation.